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This week we've seen a dog opting to "submerge herself" in mud, much to her owner's exasperation, and a pig living his best summer life. But we've also put together our favorite pictures and videos
A fundraiser has been set up to assist the family of Saniya Felton, a 6-year-old who was killed in a fire in Bayonne on Monday, July 1."This is an extremely
Doctor Who is one of the longest-running shows in the history of British television, and as a result, a lot of famous actors have appeared on it at one point or another. And sometimes,
What if we told you that setting aside just a little more land for nature could prevent thousands of the world's most threatened species from disappearing forever? A new study published in
As many cat parents know all too well, cats love boxes. If you’ve ever had cats, you’ll probably be able to recall a time when you bought your feline an exciting new toy, only for them to ignore it
The Call of the Wild catapulted author Jack London to literary fame. The book follows a dog named Buck who’s forced from his cushy life in California to the Klondike Gold Rush, where he adapts and
A newly adopted rescue puppy was left devastated after being returned to the shelter in the most infuriating of circumstances.In a video posted to TikTok, staff at Animal House Shelter, a no-kill
Ozempic use is associated with a lowered risk for cognitive problems, researchers in a new study said. The findings, however, cannot be applied to users who do not have diabetes. The study,
Netflix has a great movie library, while today it’s more of a content hub with a lot of its own content.
This month's viral finds at Sam's Club include Timberland boots, a Le Creuset Dutch oven and an NCAA backpack cooler.
Night owls will find this new research a hoot. A study from Imperial College London suggests that those most active at night perform better on cognitive tests. The researchers analyzed UK Biobank
A three-legged dog was adopted — then returned to a South Carolina shelter. Now, nearly one year later, Vinny the pup is “trying to cope” as he continues to wait for a home. “Vinny is sweet and
Losing a loved one — parent, partner, sibling, child, friend, etc — is something I hope no one ever has to go through at a young age or unexpectedly, but sadly, it does happen.Recently, my mom died
Screams from a 13-year-old swimming in an Indiana river triggered a heroic response from a passerby, Indiana officials say. The Columbus Fire Department said the boy was swimming alone in the White
A 4-year-old stray dog came to a Missouri shelter struggling to breathe. Though “he truly is the happiest and most lovable dog you’ll ever meet,” the shelter needed to determine why his breathing
Here is a list of 25 of the most influential and best drummers in music history.
A new study in Opto-Electronic Advances discusses super-resolution machining of single crystalline sapphire by GHz burst mode femtosecond laser-induced plasma assisted ablation. GHz
A dog that has endured a painful journey after having been left by his owner is in need of a life of only love and pets at one Iowa shelter. Meet Toots, a 5-year-old pit bull terrier with soulful
A sweet man shared the story of a 3-legged cat who went missing, prompting their family to search frantically and how he was able to help out.On July 9, 2024, TikTok user Buddy and Mikes Pal
American Airlines is facing a number of challenges right now. Business-class flyers are upset with it. Its flight attendants are inching closer to a strike. Its stock is down nearly 18% for the year.

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